September 14, 2020

      As women and including myself, personally we can be so hard on ourselves sometimes right? Feeling as though we are not enough. Not smart enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, and so on. When the truth is that we ARE ENOUGH. Sometimes we can be our own worst critics in our minds, when we do not have to be. Something that I had to eventually learn over the years, is that self love is the best love. When my mind starts going to that negative self talk, I have to shut it down, and reverse that talk from something negative into something that is positive. 



  I also created a habit of reading or listening to positive affirmations each morning, and let me tell you, just doing that consistently, has changed my mindset to being more positive, confident, grateful, and loving my self more and more each day. I am not perfect at it however, it has gotten better for me over time. It’s progress, not perfection. I believe if you focus on things you truly want to change in life, you can make it happen.



     Daily positive affirmations are a great way to help to start to change your mindset, and the way you think about yourself. I highly recommend doing your affirmations in the Mornings to help you start your day to a great one. It gives you clarity, relief, and a whole lot of optimism.

Here are the Top 35 Positive Affirmations to boost your confidence and self love.

  1. I am beautiful.
  2. I am enough.
  3. I am confident and strong.
  4. I love and respect myself.
  5. I am always attracting great things, into my life.
  6.  I am intelligent, powerful, and capable.
  7. I deserve to be happy.
  8. I acknowledge my self-worth.
  9. I am not afraid to go after what I want.
  10.   I am worthy. 
  11.  I am living my best life.
  12.  I release negative self talk.
  13.  I set Boundaries and it’s okay for me to say No.
  14.  I believe in my abilities.
  15.  My life is full of abundance and happiness.
  16. I completely accept myself, just as I am.
  17. I am t grateful, thankful for everything I have.
  18. I am a good person, and deserves nothing but greatness.
  19. I am successful in everything I do.
  20. I find joy in the little things everywhere.
  21. I release negative self talk.   
  22.  I will not tolerate others negative energy.
  23.  I will live today with an open mind and an open heart.
  24. I love myself because I am unique and there will be no one on this earth that is exactly like me. 
  25. Today, I choose happiness and gratitude.
  26. I have a peaceful heart and a calm mind.
  27. Today, I choose Joy.
  28. I am confident, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  29. I have all the tools I need, in order to achieve amazing things in my life.
  30. I am the best.
  31. I am resilient and can get through anything.
  32. I am fearless.
  33. I radiate confidence and positivity.
  34. I am creating the life of my dreams.
  35. Each new day is another opportunity to grow, improve, and spread kindness.
 I hope that some of these affirmations resonated with you. Which ones did you enjoy the most? Let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this, please like and share!
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-Be Blissfully, Beautiful, You!

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