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Organic Chocolate Lip Balm and Lip Scrub Everything You Need to Know About This Amazing Product

By Ashley's Bliss 




Organic Lip Scrub Review 

     Okay, so try not to eat this scrub before you use it. This decadent Chocolate Organic Lip Scrubwill leave your lips flake free, smoothe, moisturized and hot. What I really enjoy about this scrub is that it is 100% Organic, completely cruelty free, no sulfites, phthalates or parabens.

    The Organic Scrub comes in a cute compact upcycled and eco friendly container. Comes in a 1/2oz glass jar with white lid. When opening the Jar, it smells like cocoa powder it has a very sweet smell to it which I am pretty much obsessed over. It is made with organic brown sugar, organic cocoa powder, organic honey, organic vanilla absolute, organic jojoba oil, organic avocado oil and organic olive oil- this combination is a delicious knock out.

    When dipping my finger into the jar, I only applied  a small amount onto my lips and rub them together with my fingers. I automatically felt the soft moisture on my lips. After applying I rinsed it off and tasted the sweetness of the scrub. Whats a added bonus is that the product is totally edible, so no need to worry if the scrub, gets into your mouth. Everything used in this scrub are non- toxic premium ingredients. After rinsing the scrub off, my lips feel really soft, ultra moisturized, and I have a fresh feel and look to my your lips already!

   This is scrub is perfect especially now that the weather is getting colder and my lips tend to get really flaky and chapped during the Fall and Winter Seasons. This is Organic Scrub is great for both Women and men. I only applied a little bit of the scrub and can tell that this scrub will last for many more applications to my lips. 


Overall, the Organic Lip Scrub is Highly recommended in my book, if you want a product that is 100% natural, safe, organic, a great moisturize, tastes and smells sweet and totally edible, then this is totally for you.

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October 29, 2019

I have never tried a lip scrub before but this has now definitely caught my interest!!

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